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We gaan speciaal aandacht besteden aan de verkiezingen in Tjechië. Onze Tsjechische vrienden hebben speciaal onderstaande bericht voor ons geschreven en vragen onze steun:

(svp NL vertalen, bv mbv )

Dear members and supporters of Pulse of Europe, dear Europeans,

This a message from Czech Republic

As in case of threat Wilders being elected in Netherlands or Le Pen in France is Czech Republic on crossroads. In Central Europe, in countries of so called Visegrad Four, is Europe and democracy in crisis. Also in Czech elections of 20 and 21 October 2017 will be decided if Czech Republic will follow path of refusing European values and authoritarianship together with Poland and Hungary or if it will show citizens of these countries that even for this region is still beter to follow path of whole-european cooperation and respect of shared values.

Favourite of Czech election is populist Andrej Babis, oligarch and authoritarian, whose success is based on Trump-like rhetorics targeted against “traditional” politicians and establishment. Also he is an oligarch, autocrat and owner media that manipulate Czech public opinion. He is under police investigation for unlawful exploitation of EU subsidies and yet he is still candidate for Prime Minister.

His election program is in direct opposition with values that Pulse of Europe tries to push. He is firmly against further strenghtening of EU. His present acts and intentions endanger justice, confidence in law, personal freedoms, freedom of press. His only ideology is “vote for me and I will manage everything”, which destroys Czech civil society and demotivates citizens to perform any activity, including pro-European ones.

His media to deflect attention from his affairs support fear from refugees and attack EU.

Unfortunately most of traditional parties does not fight against him by leaning to european values, but also with populism. Populism anti-unian, populism xenophobic and nationalistic, populism ultraconservative.

Truly proeuropean and democratic parties are in this elections on very edge of passing to parliament.

We think that in EU is this (for EU unfavorable) Czech Republic situation not understood sufficiently.

So we hope in Pulse of Europe that his members will be interested in situation in Czech Republic, will gather valid information and alert others to inconspicuous danger for EU that looms here. We kindly ask you for this and we trust that you will soon understand that it is necessary to help motivate even Czech citizens for upcoming elections as Pulse of Europe already succeeded to do this year for other countries.

Let’s be the Pulse of Europe!

Pulse of Europe Česká republika